Ability to merge custom tags

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Tagged as Development

Suggested 03 March 2018 by user Mazdak Momen

Moved into Planned 30 October 2018

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    This would be really useful. I quite often have tags I’ve typoed (like “pizza” and “piza”) as well as tags that mean the same thing (“ate pizza” and “pizza”). I don’t want to delete either tag, I want to merge them so they represent the same thing.

    04 March 2018
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    This will be really useful for future integrations. That means that if I’m currently tracking something using custom tracking I won’t lose that data when a relevant integration becomes available.

    That is, assuming I tracked things in the right way/scale.

    23 May 2018
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    I desperately need this! I have foolishly tagged days with “alcohol” and “beer” and “wine” in the past and want to merge them all into “alcohol”.

    01 July 2018
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    This would be awesome. So many typos to fix!

    10 October 2018
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    The longer I use Exist, the more I need this for the aforementioned reasons. Lots of different ways to say the same thing.

    23 April