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  • 03 March 2018 Mazdak Momen suggested this task

  • 04 March 2018 Josh Sharp moved this task into Under consideration

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    This would be really useful. I quite often have tags I’ve typoed (like “pizza” and “piza”) as well as tags that mean the same thing (“ate pizza” and “pizza”). I don’t want to delete either tag, I want to merge them so they represent the same thing.

    04 March 2018
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    This will be really useful for future integrations. That means that if I’m currently tracking something using custom tracking I won’t lose that data when a relevant integration becomes available.

    That is, assuming I tracked things in the right way/scale.

    23 May 2018
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    This would be awesome. So many typos to fix!

    10 October 2018
  • 30 October 2018 Josh Sharp moved this task into Planned

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    The longer I use Exist, the more I need this for the aforementioned reasons. Lots of different ways to say the same thing.

    23 April 2020
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    The merge feature is great but for the alcohol example I would love to see hierarchy/parent tags. So Beer and Wine could have a parent tag of Alcohol. This way you can look at the parent tag for all Alcohol or the individual ones so you can see just Wine or Beer consumption. This would be VERY useful across the board.

    10 September 2020
  • 10 September 2020
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    As others Have already mentioned, this would be extremely helpful. As it is I have to open up custom tag and open each of the tagged days and manually swap and then remove the old tag - very time consuming and poor experience. Glad this is in “planned” - but that status was last updated in 2018… are there any updates?

    25 January 2022