Apple Watch app for tracking custom tags

A simple Apple Watch companion to Exist for iOS to let you quickly track custom tags (that you’ve already created) for today. Please vote for this if you’d find it useful, so we can gauge whether it’s worth the time and effort.

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Created 20 March 2018 by Belle Cooper

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  • 20 March 2018 Belle Cooper created this task

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    Maybe this could work through Workflow and the Exist api?

    20 March 2018
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    As posted on forum:

    At the moment, I find it so hard to keep up with the custom tracking throughout the day, and since getting an Apple Watch a little bit ago I’ve been doing a lot more ‘little things’ like that throughout the day like to do lists and the like. I feel like an Apple Watch app which maybe either does at minimum:

    A quick reminder on the watch which pops up as a notification and then hard force touch on the notification to bring up options to rate from 1-5 once or multiple times a day (I know the multiple times per day thing is actually planned… so making this work on Apple Watch would be extremely convenient for that purpose with a tap on the wrist). Pop up notification is the least effort compared to clicking into the app, but obviously can still do that if wanted. or

    rating(s) + quick on/off switching or highlighting of frequently used tags like we do have when we click into tags rather than typing them. So it would appear as a list you could scroll through and you just quickly tap on the relevant ones. Sort of like the current to do list apps for Apple Watch. To keep the app basic it could be limited to those already entered but obviously custom enter is a +++ Definitely would upgrade to a higher (optional) membership pricing if this was introduced for those this would be helpful to

    04 June 2019
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