Eras or major life changes

A way to mark a period of time in Exist, with a beginning and optional end, so as to compare life before and after this period.

For example, if someone is pregnant, instead of making a custom tag with this everyday, they could label a period of time as ‘pregnant’. Correlations between what shows up within and without could be interesting. This could be used for projects, jobs, anything medium/long term and you don’t want to have to tag everyday. Can set a start date with an expected end date, maybe with the option to leave the end open-ended? There could be a better name for this, but “eras” is what I came up with.

An ability to compare different eras has also been requested.

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Suggested 23 March 2018 by user Mazdak Momen

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    There are timeline apps but having a timeline displaying major life events that you could also drill down into would be cool…

    08 June 2018
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    I love this idea! Thinking out loud we have major events in our life like: marriage, divorce, relocation, baby, new job, retirement, education start/finish and the list goes on.

    How these apply and impact our long term health/happiness I think is really fascinating.

    30 October 2018
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    I have made some of my WORST decisions after a major traumatic event (particularly after the deaths of people I’m extremely close to.) There would be a huge benefit in being able to proactively understand how the impact of another major event is going to affect someone.

    26 April