Like IFTTT (for iOS only) except recently purchased by Apple, so not so pricey…

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Suggested 27 March 2018 by user John Eder

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    Keep in mind that Workflow currently supports making API calls, so you could make this work with our API already:

    27 March 2018
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    Ah, thank you!

    I also just wanted to get this on the radar, as I saw the comments about how expensive it was to hook into IFTTT. I generally try workflow first and then if it’s not feasible I try other tools. I imagine over time work flow will gain access to non-public APIs and be able to do more magic on the iPhones.

    From an Exist perspective it would be great if some day a correlation event could serve as a trigger in workflow (or other tools if they are more preferrable). I know this may not make the things to do cut, but food for thought!

    28 March 2018