Custom CSV/JSON import

Allow a way for users to develop a custom import, even if it has to be a manual upload.

Either provide a template we could download — with attributes on the top — or develop a way for the app to recognize the columns and headers like a wizard and save that as a routine custom import. This would give a workaround for any app without a public API or add a personalised level of detail for users.

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Suggested 02 April 2018 by user R M

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    Having had bad experiences with CSV imports before, because of the high level of validation required after upload given people can enter whatever values they want, I think providing a template would help a little and make the most sense. To be clear, this wouldn’t allow any extra custom tracking, but only support current attributes.

    03 April 2018
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    A templated “upload sheet” would be perfect. I’ve seen functionality similar to this with tools like Wrike (project management) and Goodreads (books) - export your data into a csv which gives you the right column headers and formats - which then allows you to fill in your own data and import it in

    29 April