Blood Pressure from Google Fit

Fit API appears to support blood pressure reading. Considering Fit is already a service for Exist, should be an easy add.

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Suggested 08 April 2018 by user Al Wilde

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    Blood pressure can now be tracked natively in Google Fit app with the latest version (2.01.22-130)

    25 August 2018
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    Just about to start tracking my blood pressure w/ Nokia/Withings wireless cuff gadget and this could be very useful (and is generally an important thing for people past 45ish years old, tracking mid-to-long term trends in this)

    31 August 2018
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    Yes please! If you could separate systolic and diastolic and track average for week/month just like BP that would be a great start.

    I’ve spent the last month tracking this health mate/Google fit and it would be great to see what tags are affecting the numbers!

    27 September 2018
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    quardio does sync BP to Gfit as well

    09 October 2018