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As part of the web redesign, we’re adding a search box that’ll allow you to quickly navigate to things like historical periods, correlations for specific attributes, and your settings. As well as navigating, though, we’re adding the ability to ask questions about your data. This will include things like:

  • What are my most used tags?
  • What are some of my happiest days?

We’ll launch this with some basic questions, and add more complicated queries later on.

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Created 23 May 2018 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Completed 01 June 2018

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    Cool, nice update. Looking forward to exploring all the features, However, I noted that ‘sleep’ isn’t part of questions?

    01 June 2018
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    Saw now that it’s because it’s referenced with “wake up” and those and not directly sleep. Still don’t see any questions with this tags, however, just the redirecting to the tags page. Would love to see questions with sleep, like “ideal wakeup time” and other questions regarding sleep-related tags. Also get 500-error on productivity (its productivity in the url, instead of productive_min).

    Also would be helpful with a guide/tutorial or something like that for questions.

    01 June 2018
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    Ah whoops, thanks. There should be plenty of tag questions but yeah, not everything is covered in this first pass — I will keep adding questions for things like sleep.

    01 June 2018