Menstrual/period tracking from Fitbit

Fitbit just added menstrual tracking and it would be great to be able to include that data. For women, especially women with health issues, this data is absolutely crucial!

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Suggested 29 May 2018 by user Kathleen Bennallack

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    I saw that they added this too 😊 I still need to check that it’s available to us via their API, but I’ll leave it as an open suggestion for now and only move this if it turns out it’s not possible.

    29 May 2018
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    It doesn’t look like they’ve made this data available yet 😒 I’ve asked in their forum when this will change, hopefully I’ll get a reply.

    31 May 2018
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    thanks for looking into it so quickly! fingers crossed they add it soon.

    01 June 2018