Multi-level custom tags

Some things that I track are layered, and that currently means I need to track several tags for one action. For example, drinking coffee and drinking tea both have another layer of “caffeine”.

It would be great if there was a way to create “child” tags that automatically tag their parents as well, to prevent excess work when tracking layered things.

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Suggested 04 June 2018 by user Tom Cohen

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  • 04 June 2018 Tom Cohen suggested this task

  • 07 June 2018 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    Not sure about the feasibility of this, but I’ve approved it so we can think about it at least :)

    07 June 2018
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    to be sincere, one of the most frustrating issues was the inability to add any kind of punctuation and/or capitalising to custom tags – grouping/nesting them like “sleep: home” and “sleep: girlfriend’s place” would make them easier to enter

    29 June 2018
  • 13 November 2018 Josh Sharp edited this task

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    I’d also love this, mostly for “alcohol/beer”, “alcohol/whisky” 😂

    Perhaps if there is a slash or dash in the tag name, it puts both the whole tag but also, behind the scenes, the “tag group” (alcohol in the above example) is added as a tag as well?

    11 October 2020