Designate tags as positive or negative

Use this designation for to give feedback about your use of a tag. For example, if a tag could be set as “negative”, Exist could track that you probably want to use this tag less and show insights relating to this.

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Suggested 05 June 2018 by user Jordan Finnigan

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    Sorry, I don’t really understand your example. How does designating a tag as good or bad help in this case?

    05 June 2018
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    Apologies for the confusion (and also my bad example)! This is kind of a two-part request: First, allow a user to designate tags as good or bad. Second, tweak the way reporting works to account for this. e.g. “On days where you have more events, you use the tag ‘eatpoorly’.”, “You tend to tag days with ‘eatwell’ when you spend more time at home”, etc.

    06 June 2018
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    Sigh I just realized my second attempt at an example doesn’t really do anything w/ good/bad. Basically, just have the app acknowledge that you marked something as bad/good and allow goals to be set based on that (e.g. “I want to tag days w/ ‘eatpoorly’ less”).

    06 June 2018
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    Gotcha, fair enough. I’ll edit the description then and approve this one.

    07 June 2018