Option to turn off "Looking back" mood pop-up in mobile apps

After reviewing your mood in Exist for iOS and Android, if we have enough data in your account, you’ll see a mood note and rating from a previous day up to one year ago. If you’d like the option to turn off this feature, please add your vote to this suggestion so we can track the popularity of this request.

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Created 05 June 2018 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Completed 24 July 2018

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    I don’t very often use the mood notes so now that the looking back pop-ups are appearing I keep seeing the same ones from the past couple months. Its also feels intrusive. When I go to review my day, it’s usually right before bed and I have no desire to reminisce so it’s just a popup I have to click through. Maybe a more appropriate location would be the bottom of the Today view.

    05 June 2018
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    We probably won’t move this to somewhere else as lots of other people enjoy getting it as it stands now 🙂 I can see how it’d be annoying when you’ve only written a few notes though, because those are the same ones you’d keep seeing. The option to turn it off because you’re not reviewing your day consistently makes the most sense here I think.

    06 June 2018