Map links like "/yesterday" to the relevant date

I often want to see “today”, “yesterday” or “this week” and I create links to those things. It would be great to be able to link to and automatically get redirected to yesterday.

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Suggested 06 June 2018 by user Matt Bond

Moved into Completed 12 July 2018

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    I just realised “today” is redundant, because /dashboard/ will take you there, but I can still handle “yesterday”, “this week”, and “this month” URLs specifically.

    08 June 2018
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    Yes, I actually noticed the today being redundant and changed the end of my example! I forgot to change the first line. Yesterday is probably the most useful one for me. “1dayago”, “2dayago”, and alternates for weeks and months might also make it easy to support a really broad range of weird use cases, I would probably start to use the 1-7 day variants straight away

    09 June 2018
  • 12 July 2018
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    Perfect! Now I’ve got my daily reminder (which often is forgotten on the day…) with links to both today and yesterday, so I can quickly fill them both in, and my weekly and monthly reviews don’t need date fiddling. 👍

    13 July 2018