Ability to tick off multiple days of tags at once (bulk tag editing)

Something like the week view’s tag totals card, with the ability to click a tag for a day and add it.

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Created 18 June 2018 by Josh Sharp

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  • 18 June 2018 Josh Sharp created this task

  • 09 January 2019 Belle Cooper edited this task

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    Sure would be helpful for retroactively adding tags.

    23 April 2019
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    Still would love to have this, I keep wanting to update my exist with historical data I have. Any ideas for a workaround? I could probably get stuff into e.g., a CSV or other format if needed.

    22 August 2020
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    You could use the API as a workaround if you’re coding-inclined.

    23 August 2020
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    I’ve considered it, but unfortunately there’s this little “as time permits” constraint that keeps stopping me from doing fun little coding projects. ;)

    24 August 2020
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    it is very sad, because this function is very important. I track events like school holidays. it is hard to remember every day to write those in. so I could check later, if I didn’t missed any, and add, if I did

    25 August 2020
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    What if in the tag grid view you could just click a space to add or remove the tag for that day, so you could just go down the line?

    23 October 2020
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    I like Stephen’s suggestion of using the tag grid view to bulk-add tags retroactively.

    My use-case for this request: I’m about to hit a 300-day streak of journaling, and I would like to be able to retroactively add the “journal” custom tag.

    15 November 2020