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Screen Time for iOS

I’m not sure if Apple has announced an API for the newly announced ScreenTime features, but it’d be nice to see how using my iPhone/iPad correlates with other metrics.

Not possible due to no API.

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Suggested 21 June 2018 by user Andrea Mocko

Moved into Not possible/Seek alternatives 22 June 2018

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    Me too, really hoping Screen Time will offer a way into tracking mobile productivity for iOS in the way RescueTime has failed to for years.

    15 July 2018
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    RescueTime isn’t able to do much on iOS just because Apple doesn’t make that data available, it’s out of their hands. I’d honestly be extremely surprised if a Screen Time API was made available, because it’s not their MO.

    15 July 2018
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    It’s too bad Apple set this feature up but left it so half-baked. Is there any chance you guys might consider allowing manual entry for phone screen time?

    Alternatively, would something like the app Moment (iOS) does work—using a screenshot of battery use by app to estimate screen time?


    12 March
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    We probably won’t be looking into replicating what Moment does, as there’s a significant amount of work there for what would be a fairly small part of Exist overall. But you might like to vote for this suggestion for manual tracking, which would allow manual entry for phone screen time.

    17 March
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    thank you, I will.

    18 March
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    Hi Belle, thanks for the clarification, understood! Will do :)

    19 March