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Custom tags are amazing, however I often find that Exist lacks completion % tracking for custom tags, so I end up using Exist plus secondary habit-tracking apps. It’s a hassle for something you’re meant to reconcile every day before bed.

If I want to start a new habit such as ‘Fast until 12pm every day’, there is not currently a way to track the formation of this habit in terms of:

  • Specific days: I want to use this custom tag every M / W / F, what’s my completion % on this?

  • Streak: How many consecutive days did I tag this, related to my streak goal of XY days?

  • Longest streak with this tag: self-explanatory

So in summary, I don’t just want to use custom tags, I also need to track whether I used them or not and have some kind of completion metric.

Maybe a way to implement this is to make a module to create a new habit. Then in this new habit submodule, you can select the tags you want to relate to this new habit, and the days/times/rates at which you want to complete those tags.

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Suggested 08 July 2018 by user Mike

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    I had a suggestion that is a lot like this. It would be awesome to also have notifications and alerts if you’re not completing as scheduled to remind you.

    Also tying to other metrics as well.

    21 July 2018