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Vitamin-R Time Tracking

Vitamin-R is a time tracking tool:

It has some great features like what you are currently working on, tracking concentration level, whether the task was completed, and adding tags to pomodoros. It also has a log book of all past pomodoros. One feature is syncing data to Dropbox. Seems like it could be possible to read the log book from Dropbox and parse out all of this great data.

This is not possible due to no API, but using the Dropbox sync it might be something you could set up yourself using our API.

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Suggested 30 July 2018 by user Matt Beedle

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  • 30 July 2018 Matt Beedle suggested this task

  • 30 July 2018 Belle Cooper moved this task into Not possible/Seek alternatives

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    Hi, why is this not possible? It’s possible to share a dropbox file publicly right? Shouldn’t it then be possible for to periodically read that file?

    31 July 2018
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    Hi Matt,

    We don’t have any plans to sync files directly at this stage. For now we’re only working with APIs, which give us more control over dealing with that data and are created with that purpose in mind. Vitamin-R uses Dropbox for syncing, and it’s not designed to be a publicly accessible API for other apps to tap into.

    As I said, you’re welcome to look into using our API to sync data from reading files yourself, but this is not an approach we’re planning on working with at the moment.

    31 July 2018