Offline mood and tags tracking

I was surprised to find that the mobile app (I’m using Android, but I get the sense that this feature isn’t present in either OS) wouldn’t let me record moods and custom tags data when I was traveling recently without Internet access. Manually entered data on moods and other activities is exactly the kind of thing I want to record when I’m not connected to the Internet, and it seems technically feasible to do so, with syncing once the device is back online.

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Suggested 30 July 2018 by user Nick

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    Big +1 for me. Just ran into this issue as well.

    It makes it quite hard to record tags / events when there’s little to no cell coverage. E.G. commuters that go through tunnels or the air.

    There is a “failed to save tags…” notification that does try to persist in the android notification bar, but it’s not impossible to dismiss the notification.

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