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Import tweets as notes for day rating

I’d love to see Exist analyze the contents of my tweets to find relationships to my mood. I already describe much of my activities and interests on Twitter. Is there an easy way to import a day’s worth of tweets into the note functionality of the day rating?

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Suggested 31 July 2018 by user Joshua

Moved into Not possible/Seek alternatives 01 August 2018

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    There’s a character limit on the note that makes this not really feasible, plus we think notes should be a thoughtful, active reflection on your day — I can see the potential for “everything I tweeted is my note” to just end up with a lot of confusing, irrelevant content!

    I think this would make more sense if we focused on making Exist a proper “journalling” experience. It totally makes sense to attach tweets alongside notes in your entries in Day One, for example. But for now that’s not our plan :)

    01 August 2018