Timely time-tracking

Timely time-tracking is the most popular time-tracking tool on ProductHunt since a year. It also integrates with Todoist and GitHub. It would be awesome if I could see the correlations built with this tool as it is a precursor of work.

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Suggested 13 August 2018 by user Jon

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    Love the fully automatic time tracking feature. Saves a lot of time and error.

    04 September 2018
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    I really love using timely in my workflow and would really love to see it integrated into Exist. I think they have an API so i think it should be doable?

    03 December 2018
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    Yep, there’s a link in the description to the developer docs, and this one is in “Suggestions” because it’s possible. It just isn’t nearly popular enough for us to spend time on it yet.

    03 December 2018