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Other payment methods than credit card

In some states (like Germany where I live), credit cards are not as popular as in Australia or the US for example. People like me, who want to try Exist, are unable to do so. Support for one of the following payment methods would possibly make me an Exist user:

  • PayPal
  • Sofort (Klarna)
  • Google Pay via Android app
  • Apple Pay for iPhone users (not for me though)

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Suggested 18 August 2018 by user blue brain

Moved into Not possible/Seek alternatives 19 August 2018

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    Although this is technically possible, unfortunately this is something that we’d really rather not do. With just the two of us we’d like to keep things as simple as possible, especially when it comes to business operations and accounting. We’ve already been forced by Apple to support in-app purchase (IAP) meaning you can pay via your Apple account, and adding this second method has made things much more complicated. We use Stripe, our payment processor, to handle the trial period as well (which is why you need a credit card to sign up), so adding another payment method has made not just accounting and income administration much more complicated, but user trial periods too. We unhappily added IAP under duress as we just can’t afford to not have an iOS app, but I really wish we had been able to avoid it. Any alternative payment methods would also increase the overhead of dealing with everything around payments and accounting, and take even more time away from actually working on the product. I’m sorry we can’t support another method that works better for you. I hope you can understand our reasoning.

    19 August 2018
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    Thanks for your detailed reply, of course i can understand your reasoning. I never had to deal with Stripe API or similar services and that’s why i mistakenly assumed that adding Sofort or Google wouldn’t be much harder than ticking a box on the dashboard. I guess I’ll get myself a credit card now :P

    19 August 2018