Stress throughout the day from Garmin

Certain Garmin devices provide a stress score, and it can also be calculated from heart rate data.

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Suggested 28 August 2018 by user Jeremy Moseley

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    We only track one value per day, so this would end up as an average, plus I can’t access the Garmin Wellness API docs to confirm this is available so I may need to move this to ‘not possible’ at a future date.

    29 August 2018
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    Garmin gives an average for a day, i’st an integer from 0 to 100. It will be great to have it. For the moment I have a custom attributes for tens : stress 30 (30-39), stress 40 (40-49) and stress 50 (50-59)

    18 December 2018
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    Yeah, it would be good as a daily average

    01 January 2019
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    Hi Josh, I think it would be possible to integrate this from garmin, since garmin gives already an average of stress indicator for the day.

    Even nicer : They also give in hours and minutes/day: - restful time during the day - low stress time - medium stress time - high stress time

    29 May 2019