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Heart points and move minutes from Google Fit

New goal metrics in Google Fit.

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Suggested 08 September 2018 by user Colm Linehan

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  • 08 September 2018 Colm Linehan suggested this task

  • 10 September 2018 Josh Sharp moved this task into Not possible/Seek alternatives

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    I’ve had a look at the API docs and can’t see these exposed anywhere, so it doesn’t seem possible I’m afraid — possibly calculated by the Fit app but not stored as a calculated result on Google’s servers. Is move minutes different to active minutes that we already track?

    10 September 2018
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    As ever with Google, it’s not joined up. From what I can see for yesterday, the Active Minutes you have corresponds to Active Minutes Walking in the Google Fit web interface. Adding in my Workout minutes brings me to 14 minutes shy of the “Move minutes” number on my phone/watch. I might have to look at the API to figure out what’s going on here.

    10 September 2018
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    Yeah I thought they might be different. Thanks, let me know what you find!

    11 September 2018