Ignore (more) words from "frequent words per rating"

The words “day”, “evening”, “today” and “can” are noise in the “frequent words per rating” view, for me. This view is otherwise pretty informative - I feel like I get insight from the none-junk words.

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Tagged as Development

Suggested 17 September 2018 by user Matt Bond

Moved into Completed 22 May

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    I write my daily notes in Dutch and no words are ignored. I would be willing to help compose a list of common Dutch words to ignore.

    20 January
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    I have the same issue but with Swedish, I could help out with a list of words to ignore in Swedish as well.

    21 January
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    Another way to solve it would be to let me as a user add additional words to be ignored.

    29 January
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    We now ignore the suggested words and a few other common English words as part of today’s update.

    22 May
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    it would be more useful, if we could take out what we think too common. I write notes in my native language, closing out English words doesn’t helps me :D

    23 May
  • 23 May