Longer historical imports

Generally Exist works better using it in real-time — there’s not a lot of value in importing old data as we do not generate averages and correlations for the past, but each week as your data updates. Nonetheless, some people would like longer initial imports of data from connected services.

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Created 18 September 2018 by Josh Sharp

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    A single view of historical data from multiple sources that can be easily exported would be the single biggest benefit.

    Second up would be historical analysis - Is there correlation between the 20kgs I put on due to moving to the US/new job/new food/stress correlated? (that is actually what happened!) that would be really interesting imho.

    18 September 2018
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    Yea, have many years of data that would be great to analyse, even if it requires manual upload

    31 December 2018
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    Out of interest, what data? And how have you obtained it?

    31 December 2018
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    exercise, weight/body fat, sleep (on and off), step primarily…

    02 January
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    I get that Exist doesn’t analyze it and it stays current, but in the interest of using Exist as my “life dashboard,” it would be nice to roll back and see how much progress I may or may not have made with different data points.

    11 January
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    thats the main reason. Why am i tracking my health data? Because i want to see the evolution or progress. So syncing historical data is a must have feature guys, i cant understand why nobody is interested in this :(

    For example, you can export your whole apple health data in one .zip file. Would be nice to import this data in!

    31 January