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Fitness/workout recording

Not possible to integrate directly, but syncs to Google Fit and Apple Health.

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Suggested 15 October 2018 by user Bagpuss

Moved into Not possible/Seek alternatives 17 October 2018

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  • 15 October 2018 Bagpuss suggested this task

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    Can you please link me to the specific app or site? Unfortunately the name “Strong” is too generic so I can’t figure out what app or service you mean specifically.

    16 October 2018
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    Hi. Sorry, that was a bit of a brief description

    The site is but it’s really just a single page. The Strong app is good and I have discovered that its data will reach Exist via Google Fit so right now I am OK, but that may not be the case for everybody

    I am weaving an extremely complicated web on integrations and convertors such as FitnessSyncer and Health Sync. It’s a mess but I appreciate you have hundreds of different data sources wanting to integrate. This isn’t your mess. On the upside you could win a lot of customers by easing the situation

    My next issue is that I have a problem with the iPhone app crashing when I try to open it but can’t find any solution for that right now

    Anything you can do is appreciated


    17 October 2018
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    Thanks. I don’t see any way to integrate it, but I’m glad it syncs with Google Fit (and I imagine Apple Health, so that covers most people). I’ll add it to “not possible” with a note.

    In terms of the iOS app crashing, we don’t do support on the roadmap — I’ll get Belle to email you about it and see if we can track down the issue.

    17 October 2018
  • 17 October 2018 Josh Sharp moved this task into Not possible/Seek alternatives

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    I contacted customer support and I’m told there’s an API on their roadmap. They didn’t specify a time but it’s worth rechecking this one periodically.

    21 December 2020