A task/project management app.

They have an API, with an option for OAuth2 authorisation.

Something like ‘tasks done today’ seems doable, as the API allows to filter by date and status

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Suggested 10 January 2019 by user Aleena Baig

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  • 10 January 2019 Aleena Baig suggested this task

  • 11 January 2019 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    The “Goals” section would be great to correlate with my mood and other data points. I track things like meditation and daily pushups in there. The ClickUp app also seems to be growing quickly and has a good culture like Exist. Thanks!

    21 February 2019
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    I’ve moved from Todoist to Clickup for a more complete productivity suite. For me it would be awesome with an integration, it would give the possibility to track a lot regarding my productivity and tie it into Exist.

    28 April 2019