Time of day tracking

Tracking in Exist is currently limited to once-per-day averages, but it could be such a more powerful tool if you could track these attributes by hour, so you could start figuring out correlations with what activity you were doing that made you happy, what times of day you are most productive, what times of day you are most active, the best times of day to get something done or to take a nap, and more.

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Suggested 13 February 2019 by user Tim

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  • 13 February 2019 Tim suggested this task

  • 13 February 2019 Belle Cooper approved this task

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    This would be extremely helpful to me. My moods can fluctuate wildly throughout the day, so this would help me pinpoint my triggers.

    07 August 2019
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    Agreed that this would be very helpful. Right now the grouping by day creates a lot of confounding factors - for example it might correlate fatigue and caffeine usage, and that correlation could be interpreted as implying that caffeine is causing fatigue. That’s a simple example that wouldn’t confuse most people, but if the whole point of the tracking is to find non-obvious relationships, then it’s plausible that similar scenarios could arise with confounding factors that don’t get recognized as such.

    02 July 2020
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    I think this is extremely important to have useful insights. E.g. if I exercise in the morning I get more sleep, if I exercise at night time I get less sleep.

    03 December 2021
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    Where this feature request excels is in data that already exists and just needs to be tapped into. Those with fitness trackers would have time of exercise for example. I have found timing of certain things just as important as the activity itself.

    16 June