Tasks created from Todoist

Currently, we track completed tasks, which is a good productivity metric.

However, tracking how many new tasks you created in a day is also worth measuring. It could indicate productivity or potentially stress/overload.

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Suggested 23 February 2019 by user Effy Elden

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  • 23 February 2019 Effy Elden suggested this task

  • 25 February 2019 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    Looks like getting the count of tasks created per day should be possible from Todoist, and I can’t see why this new attribute couldn’t be generalised to other task manager integrations later too.

    25 February 2019
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    Are there any updates on this integration? Or is this dependent on API v2.0? (Really looking forward to 2.0 by the way :) )

    08 August 2022
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    Any updates on Changemap tasks will be reflected in the task status or comments, so there’s no change on this one right now.

    04 October 2022