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I get how you are simply showing data from Fitbit (who don’t have some kind of sleep quality calculation either), but it would be really helpful to have a way to quantify how well one has slept instead of having to mentally parse sleep, wake, and the (sometimes dubious) sleep stages shown in the Fitbit app. Off the top of my head, this could perhaps be based on some kind of equation comparing how long each sleep stage lasted versus how much is recommended, or something similar. Sorry if this is vague, but I’d love to discuss this idea further if possible!

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Suggested 11 March 2019 by user Angad

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  • 11 March 2019 Angad suggested this task

  • 16 March 2019 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    I’m not sure there’s any useful, reliable way to provide a “score” for one’s sleep taking into account length and awakenings, etc., so I’m dubious about the value of this one. We have also avoided metrics that aren’t direct representations of real-world quantities so far, so adding this score would be a departure from that.

    However, I’m happy to approve the suggestion initially so we can at least have a conversation about what it might look like.

    16 March 2019
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    Yes, I was hesitant to submit this for this exact reason, but thanks for putting it up so it might spark some discussion and potentially prompt other good ideas.

    17 March 2019
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    Apps like Sleepwatch are a great way to track sleep, but it would be really nice to have that come through on Exist, so it is on one dashboard.

    19 October 2019
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    Withings provides a sleep score. Don’t know if it can be retrieved from the API though.

    02 January 2021