A new set of supported attributes

We’re due to add support for some new attributes, which we can either add data to directly via existing services, or so programming-inclined folks can track this data via a custom integration.


  • active_energy - active energy burned
  • lean_mass - body mass excluding fat mass
  • heartrate_resting - resting heart rate
  • heartrate_max - maximum heart rate
  • menstrual_flow - value representing none, spotting, or light-heavy
  • sexual_activity - count of “activities” per day
  • pages_read - pages read
  • keystrokes - total keystrokes made
  • pomodoros_min - total time in pomodoros
  • mobile_screen_min - time with mobile device screen on
  • tv_min - time spent watching TV/movies
  • gaming_min - time spent gaming


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Created 22 May 2019 by Josh Sharp

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  • 22 May 2019 Josh Sharp created this task

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    I am yet to find a solution to track how much I actually type!

    I’ve heard of 750 words, or is it 250 words… but that only works while typing on that website.

    There’s a Google Docs addon to count words typed in there, where I am able to pull it out and turn it into data to manually import.

    I’m really looking for a program that sits on my desktop to count my keystrokes and put it in a doc for me.... otherwise, the keystrokes attribute will be somewhat useless for me.

    17 June 2019
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    It’s unfortunate that so few apps make their data available to use. The person who asked for keystrokes apparently intended to use WhatPulse to track it.

    18 June 2019
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    Simply amazing! Thank you for providing this website. It’s exactly what I was looking for. 😀

    19 June 2019
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    Hey can we get a list of applications that provide these attributes so we can start setting them up before they’re released? The keyboard one is awesome! Thank you!

    26 June 2019
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    To be clear, we’re not integrating WhatPulse at this stage, some attributes have been requested by developers looking to write their own integrations.

    Attributes you will be able to use with existing integrations:

    • Sexual activity: Apple Health
    • Menstrual flow: Apple Health, Google Fit
    • Active energy: Fitbit, Apple Health
    • Lean mass: Withings, Apple Health
    • Resting heart rate: Fitbit, Apple Health
    • Max heart rate: Google Fit, Apple Heath

    Unfortunately for activity and body measurement attributes we’ve basically exhausted the common ones by now, so not every fitness service we integrate can provide everything we’re adding. I also don’t have an exhaustive list of which services sync the correct data to Apple Health or Google Fit, sorry. It may take some trial and error to find out which app provides what.

    26 June 2019
  • 31 August 2019 Josh Sharp moved this task into Completed