Visualising moods: chart or timeline

I’d really love to see a visualisation of mood over time.
Could we treat the rating as a number, and show a graph like for sleep time or no. of emails?
Colouring the levels would be really helpful to understanding it at a glance, though I guess that might be trickier to implement - perhaps a bar-chart style? I like the calendar view of custom tags and a coloured-in calendar would be handy too, but a linear visualisation would be really helpful to understand patterns.

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Suggested 22 May 2019 by user M H

Moved into Completed 28 May 2019

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  • 22 May 2019 M H suggested this task

  • 23 May 2019 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    We could possibly show a graph that’s similar to other numeric attributes’ long-term averages graph, although it’s a bit tricky as this should use integer values (round numbers) and thus your average is probably going to be a straight line of 3s. I could work around this and use decimals — although that’s less straightforward it might be an okay solution.

    Another option I had in mind was showing multiple “rating breakdown” pie graphs, one per large period (a year? six months?) so you can see how your mood has changed over time by comparing the size of the various slices of the pie.

    23 May 2019
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    The decimals vs. time feels like a good idea for smoothing time out and showing a bit of nuance.

    My proposition is that while pie charts are great for differentiating between ‘oscillating between excellent and terrible’ and ‘generally stable’, they wouldn’t help spot things like concentrated bad patches vs. scattered bad days.

    I tend to have a lot of work stress in the leadup to big events and across the festive gifting season, but I’m not sure how it affects my mood, and it’d be useful to see if/how I bounce back once they’re over.

    I’ve already spotted a breakdown in regular self-care thanks to the patterns in a custom tags graph, so at least for me the temporal visual representation really helpful.

    26 May 2019
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    Fair point! I’ll see if I can make that work.

    27 May 2019
  • 28 May 2019 Josh Sharp moved this task into Completed

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    I’ve added a decimal graph a la the other numeric attributes. I think it does the trick. See how you find it 😊

    28 May 2019
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    Many thanks Josh! I’ll see how it goes and let you know :)

    09 July 2019