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iOS 13 dark mode theme

The iOS app should have an option for a dark mode for those of us that use it in darker spaces.

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Suggested 29 May by user Bob

Moved into In progress 13 October

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    With new swift UI and iOS 13. It will be more easier to implement this!

    28 August
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    SwiftUI isn’t really relevant here because it’s only available on iOS 13, which means to use it we would have to cut off anyone using iOS 12 or earlier from using Exist for iOS. We usually support the last two versions of iOS, so we can’t use iOS-13 specific features for a while.

    iOS 13 did bring dark mode to iOS, but because our design is mostly custom, it won’t actually save us much effort, so there’s still a lot of work required for this.

    28 August
  • 28 August
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    That would be nice and less harsh to the eyes.

    29 August