Larger mood scale

Move the mood rating to a scale from 1–9. Why not 1–10? Well, currently we use 1–5, which means we have 3 as the middle value, “OK”. If we used a scale with an even number of options, we wouldn’t have a middle, you’d always have to be “just above average” or “just below average”. This would also make it harder for us to migrate your current mood ratings to the new scale.

With 1–9, 5 becomes the new middle, meaning you have a lot of nuance between 1: terrible, 5: OK, and 9: excellent.

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Suggested 28 July 2019 by user Alex

Moved into Planned 01 October 2019

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    If implemented, I hope it will be an optional change. I like the 1-5 scale.

    10 October 2019
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    I also hope this will be optional as I think it’s perfect as it is. I’m honestly afraid I’ll have a hard time to rate my mood in that detail. Maybe a scale from 1-7 could be a compromise, if this is not optional.

    08 December 2019
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    I do prefer 1-5, just because it forces you to think simply. How will the smaller mood scale factor into this? Will currently logged scores simply be *2?

    10 December 2019
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    I agree that I don’t see any more granularity than 1-5 being useful, and just leads to analysis paralysis - “was today really a 7 day or just a 6?” I could potentially see more than one axis being useful as an option (eg. 5-point scales for “energy” and “confidence” or similar) but I can’t imagine more than 5 points on any sort of self-assessment being very helpful.

    04 January
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    I agree with J W, as for me 1-5 would be enough.

    09 January
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    Really looking forward to this change. I find 1-5 very limiting as most of my days end up being a 4 when 7-9 would be more fitting depending on the day.

    18 January
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    I feel the same ^

    19 January
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    One of the biggest things I was struggling with these past few days. Most of the days were either a 4 or a 5, but I felt that they definitely were not all a 9-10.

    26 January
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    +1 for a preference of 1-5 or the option to not have to use 1-9 (or any larger scale in general). I like the current simplicity.

    28 March
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    Yes, I think that changing it to 1-9 is fine and maybe something I could get into, but I really like the simplicity of 1-5 and also think that if the change goes ahead it should be optional.

    28 March