Work arrival/departure time

One thing that I very frequently expect to be affecting my mood and a whole litany of other metrics is everything around time spent at work: Some days I have meetings late, causing me to get home too late to spend any time with my son. Sometimes I have a super early meeting requiring me to get to work early. Some days I am lazy in the morning and roll in to work pretty late.

Since the location data is already being captured by Exist, it seems like it could be great to add corelatable metrics for:

  • “[First] Time arrived at work”
  • “[Last] Time departed work”
  • “Total time spent at work”

Of course, the user would need to specify what location their work is, which is a complication.

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Suggested 15 August 2019 by user Greg Laabs

Moved into Completed 16 February

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  • 15 August 2019 Greg Laabs suggested this task

  • 17 August 2019 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    Exist only tracks a single suburb-based location per day, we currently have no need (or desire) to track location to a higher accuracy than this.

    We could perhaps use geofencing to track when you enter and leave a location via the mobile apps, though.

    Although I am leery of adding more location tracking to the mobile apps, I’ve approved this as a suggestion for the required attributes at least, as it might be something that can be filled via the API using Zapier or Shortcuts or some other trigger-based tool.

    17 August 2019
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    What about allowing users to manually enter the time they arrive at and leave work, either directly in Exist or via some integrated app? That wouldn’t require more location-tracking, and would also work better for people who sometimes work from home or at varying locations.

    23 September 2019
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    Manual entry could certainly be possible once manual tracking exists, but it makes more sense to enable it by building that generic ability than to add it specifically before then.

    If there’s any other app that we could integrate to sync such times, you’re welcome to suggest them too! Right now I’m not aware of any.

    23 September 2019
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    Home Assistant tracks this data, and it’s still in my backlog to write an official Home Assistant component that can push data from Hass to Exist:!AuNGhkxaASzUox_UEJgjfnaT0Ywa?e=t2gw1L

    24 September 2019
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    Nice! That looks like one that can’t be integrated into Exist directly, though, so I’ll wait for your integration to allow data to be pushed from the other side :)

    25 September 2019
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    Now that manual tracking is a feature, and you can set the value to track as a time of day, is this suggestion still needed?

    16 February
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    Yeah, I think we should mark this as done as it’s possible with manual tracking. We don’t want to be tracking location constantly in the background to try to manage this automatically, I don’t think.

    16 February
  • 16 February Josh Sharp moved this task into Completed