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Adobe Creative Suite

Creative tools for designers. No API on user activity available, but also I’m not sure what we’d track anyway — you can track time spent in these tools already using Rescuetime, for example.

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Suggested 01 November 2019 by user Olga

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  • 01 November 2019 Olga suggested this task

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    Sorry, I didn’t specify. Yes, for all my suggestions - Udemy, Courcera and Adobe - I meant time spent in those apps/websites, but also, maybe, lessons watched for educational platforms (same as music tracks listened and articles read). You are right, I can track the time I’ve spent in those via Rescue Time, but I didn’t establish the proper approach to it yet. The same apps/programs/websites during my working time can be very distracting, but outside of that time - just neutral or even productive. So I didn’t decide yet, whether I’ll be tracking 24/7 (in this case everything except my working programs go to ‘neutral’ and I just see the data for ‘productive’ and ‘neutral’ and analyze how much of the time was distracting during my working hours), or I track only the working hours (in this case I get more accurate ‘distracting’ data, as almost everything except my working programs go to ‘distracting’, but if I, for example, decide to use those programs on the weekends, that data won’t be tracked). That’s why I thought it would be great to have those integrations and track activity separately from Rescue time :) It’s a pity, it can’t be done :( But thanks for taking time and check on those anyway!

    14 November 2019