Searchable mood notes

I realised recently that mood notes are not searchable. Josh has explained that maintaining a search index might not be appropriate. I was wondering whether anyone else would like the ability to search their mood notes.

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Suggested 27 December 2019 by user Jeremy Cherfas

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  • 27 December 2019 Jeremy Cherfas suggested this task

  • 28 December 2019 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    I’ve thought that there’s a lot of info in the daily notes that isn’t really accessible. I like seeing the notes from a year ago in the app and would enjoy seeing more. There used to be a word cloud made from them somewhere but I think that has gone now? I might just be looking in the wrong places.

    07 January 2020
  • 08 January 2020
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    I only realised today that the mood notes weren’t searchable while looking for a comment I’d jotted down previously to try and find the day that it related to. I’d been thinking of the mood note as a bit of a journal, but I’m reluctant to use it that way if information can’t be easily surfaced via search.

    20 May 2023