Reduce location precision


While looking through my location, I saw that it had 4 decimal points of precision. While this is great, this means that any API that I give access to my location can view my location down to the corner of my house (per

Is there any way you can limit the precision to 1 or 2 decimals so that the accuracy is less precise?

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Suggested 03 January 2020 by user J W

Moved into Suggestions 28 September

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  • 03 January 2020 J W suggested this task

  • 03 January 2020 Josh Sharp moved this task into Under consideration

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    We already only request a coarse location, and if you look at the specific lat/lng on a map you should see that it’s not at your house at all, but somewhere within a 2km radius (I think this is the maximum distance of a coarse location). So while we’ve technically already done this by never actually storing your specific location, you’re right that there isn’t any reason to store a lat/lng to so many decimal places, so this suggestion could be implemented as a complement.

    03 January 2020
  • 28 September Belle Cooper moved this task into Suggestions