Toothbrushing time from Apple Health

Hi, since iOS13, the apple health adds new attribute ‘toothbrushing time’. It will be great to add this one. I’m hoping every smart toothbrush will add this to apple health. Right now only one of Colgate is supported I think.

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Suggested 04 January 2020 by user o1xhack

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  • 04 January 2020 o1xhack suggested this task

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    I agree this would be great. Oral B do a range of toothbrushes that can now sync to Apple Health.

    19 May 2020
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    I would appreciate this attribute too, especially as it is a default apple health attribute, other apps can “feed” their data into it (like Oral-B).

    As countless other health kit attributes like this are already covered, I assume that the efforts needed, to cover this additional one, should be relatively low.

    17 November 2020