Option to hide suggested tags for new users

Right now we show some suggested custom tags in the mobile apps for any user with custom tracking turned on who hasn’t added more than six of their own tags. For some users who only want to use one or two custom tags, it might be useful to have an option to hide the suggested tags.

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Created 17 June 2020 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Completed 16 February

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  • 17 June 2020 Belle Cooper created this task

  • 17 June 2020 Josh Sharp edited this task

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    I simply want to hide the ones that are completely irrelevant to me, like “beer.” I don’t drink beer at all.

    15 February
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    Hang on. I have a ton of custom tags. Why is it still showing suggestions??

    15 February
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    Oh whoops, this task should be marked as complete — there’s now an option in settings to always show, or never show. If you’re still having issues please contact us for support.

    16 February
  • 16 February Josh Sharp moved this task into Completed