Update attribute sources via API

I would be exciting to be able to automate data source changes in Exist itself. Being able to do things like: when I’m no longer home, switch Steps and Active Minutes to Google Fit, or during training events on my calendar switch my Productive Time service to RescueTime.

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Suggested 24 October 2020 by user Asher

Moved into Suggestions 28 September

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  • 24 October 2020 Asher suggested this task

  • 25 October 2020 Josh Sharp moved this task into Under consideration

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    I don’t really understand the value in the example use cases, but this is something that I think in theory should be possible as part of the new API we’re working on to support manual tracking.

    25 October 2020
  • 06 January Josh Sharp moved this task into Planned

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    For now, although API 2 supports it, we’ve decided to keep this ability locked behind a private scope, as the potential for abuse by third-party clients makes me uncomfortable. I’ll keep thinking about a way to make this possible for end-users but not on other users’ behalf.

    28 August
  • 28 September Belle Cooper moved this task into Suggestions