Enable special characters in tag names

I’d like to create a simple tag naming scheme, but for that I need some special characters in the tag name.

It can help to handle multiple use cases without programming extra features. For example medication tags would start with med and a : separator then the name of the thing (eg med:algopyrin). And it can be applied to any kind of activity with any grouping. It would be a huge plus if the app/website can support tag grouping by prefix.

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Suggested 04 January 2021 by user Szabolcs Sulik

Moved into Completed 16 March

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  • 04 January 2021 Szabolcs Sulik suggested this task

  • 21 January 2021 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    We’re already thinking about supporting grouping tags, so your use case here wouldn’t be as useful, but I can still see people might like some more latitude with tag name characters regardless.

    21 January 2021
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    Sorry but I strongly disagree. The grouping is a UI feature, while the suggestion is about data storage.

    You can implement your own grouping and ordering and coloring scheme while providing the data on the API. It makes possible to build a different UI.

    From my perspective, I’m able to implement a simple UI for my needs that is purely based on tag naming.

    Long story short, these are not conflicting concerns.

    26 January 2021
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    Tag groups would also be available via the API.

    26 January 2021
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    As of today, in 2024, I’m able to use a colon (:) in tags. I haven’t experimented with other special characters. Is this suggestion still needed?

    12 March
  • 16 March Josh Sharp moved this task into Completed