iOS shortcuts for manual attributes

We currently support adding tags for today with iOS shortcuts, but I’d like to support updating the values of your manual attributes as well.

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Created 29 May by Belle Cooper

Moved into Planned 29 May

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  • 29 May Belle Cooper suggested this task

  • 29 May Belle Cooper moved this task into Planned

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    Relatedly, it may also potentially be useful to be able to return these values like you can with mood and custom tags.

    09 November
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    I’m not sure what you mean by this, can you give me an example?

    15 November
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    Sure! For example, a shortcut would be able to retrieve the current value for an attribute - say I had a shortcut called “Get ‘XYZ’s today”, which would get the current ‘XYZ’ value from Exist and return it.

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    I see, thanks for clarifying. This suggestion is about shortcuts for getting data into Exist. For getting data out of Exist, it would make sense to do this with the iOS Shortcuts app and our API.