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Hindsight is a lightweight app that works on iOS & apple watch. Events & categories of these events (1 level) are entered by user - each event shows only the name (no description). It displays how long ago since the last time something occurred (water plants, poop, clean filter, take vit c, practice french, piano, feed fish, clip nails, anxiety…etc). User taps each time when an event happens (no auto-input).

Data can sync with cloud, & can be imported in csv format.

The value of this app lies in the fact that it’s:

  • one-time purchase (currently approx 3 $/€) & lightweight (13mb)
  • has been around since 2014, with last update in 2021

problems with this app is that:

  • only works on iOS
  • 1 developer only, not open-source collab … less security of persistence

(Not possible—no API)


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