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Sleep stages from Google Fit

While the Fit API can apparently provide sleep stage data, across all sources we’ve seen, none has written these values correctly. We’ll add support when we can actually get viable sleep stage data from Fit.

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Suggested 07 June 2023 by user Anthony

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  • 07 June 2023 Anthony suggested this task

  • 17 July 2023 Josh Sharp moved this task into Not possible/Seek alternatives

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    Is there any way around this? I am using Samsung Health and a Galaxy Watch to track sleep stages.

    They are in both Samsung Health and Google Fit but I see no way of getting them into Exist.

    HealthSync does not import into any services which Exist can use as a data source.

    Neither does Withings import sleep from Google Fit, Health Connect or Samsung Health. There are lots of options to import but sleep is not among them. Ironically Withings can write sleep to Google Fit.

    Deep Sleep is something that is big for my quality of life. I have been manually tracking it but it’s a pain. Any advice on how to get sleep stages from Google Fit/Samsung Health into Exist automatically?

    03 August 2023
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    It’s not possible to sync this data from Google Fit or Samsung Health right now, but in future this will likely be supported (if possible) via Health Connect instead of Google Fit.

    22 August 2023
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    Cheers Belle, will be following Health Connect progress/consideration :)

    23 August 2023