Transfers - schedule between accounts (once or recurring)

Balance updates reflect transfers, but I am needing to move accrued future value (partial) in a Cash-Flow Priority account to a higher yielding account, and project that over the life of the plan.

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Suggested 28 November 2022 by user MikeP

Moved into Planned 22 January 2023

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  • 28 November 2022 MikeP suggested this task

  • 28 November 2022 Kyle Nolan approved this task

  • 22 January 2023 Kyle Nolan moved this task into Planned

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    This should be useful for modeling selling existing RSUs to invest in another investment account. Note that this usually entails paying some taxes and transaction costs.

    02 June 2023
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    You could also use this for (or as the basis for) the RMDs for inherited IRAs. Bonus points if you could assign the transfer as taxable so that there’s an associated expense for the year in which the transfer is made.

    16 June 2023
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    Obvious case in Canada is moving $ from Margin account to TFSA and when applicable RRSP.

    13 December 2023
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    I would like this for transferring from one account to another (401k rollover to IRA upon retirement) but also partial transfers to a new account such as splitting an IRA up into 2 smaller ones (important for modeling SEPP 72t if attempting to get a specific distribution size from the SEPP plan.

    06 January
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    Another example of this I would like to see is selling taxable brokerage assets in order to fund tax advantaged retirement accounts (be they IRAs or 401ks).

    31 January
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    This is much needed for situations where taxable funds on hand are being used to cover expenses that are not covered by income streams. They could be one-time transfers, or recurring transfers (or multiple one-time transfers). Like mentioned on Discord, such should not mess up the tax analytics.

    31 March
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    An example situation would be someone who saved up in order to go from full-time work to part-time work, with the intention of the savings to cover shortages on the expense side that were previously covered by the full-time earnings.

    01 April
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    Update: I was able to resolve this in my plan for the most part by a combination of Cash Flow Priorities and Drawdown Order to cover the shortages on the expense side previously covered by full-time earnings. I had previously thought that Drawdown Order applied only in retirement but it does take effect from the beginning of the plan, which is good. The transfer feature is still needed for some of the other situations described earlier in this thread.

    11 April
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    Same as Cole G, I would like to transfer from one account to another (i.e. Roth 401k rollover to Roth IRA upon retirement/leaving job). Currently, I see “Early Withdrawal Penalties” in my plan because the Drawdown Order doesn’t have a “Free Withdrawal of Past Roth 401K Contributions” option. Thanks!