Asset sale proceeds to specific account

Ability to direct asset sale proceeds to a specific account. Would work well with Fund with Specific Account feature.

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Suggested 11 January 2023 by user Richard

Moved into Completed 06 September 2023

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  • 11 January 2023 Richard suggested this task

  • 11 January 2023 Kyle Nolan approved this task

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    One thought here, is to add two fields. One to describe what to do with the estimated taxes A second to describe what to do with the remaining cash-flow.

    In both cases you could describe the account to direct the money, OR to let the cash-flow priority system direct it as it sees fit.

    14 January 2023
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    Would be very nice to have this. And if it could direct tax from an asset to a separate account, even better. So non-tax would go to one account and tax owed to another. Then tap the tax owed for the payment next year.

    14 January 2023
  • 23 June 2023 Kyle Nolan moved this task into In progress

  • 06 September 2023 Kyle Nolan moved this task into Completed