HSA Contribution Limit assumes family when married instead of individual

My HSA and health insurance is individual, but the automatic US Yearly HSA contribution limit appears to be set to the family limit (it shows $7700, which isn’t the family limit actually, but it’s much higher than the individual limit).

Maybe I’m just doing something wrong, and there isn’t a bug?

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Suggested 24 July by user lambda3

Moved into Completed 06 September

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  • 24 July lambda3 suggested this task

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    I’ve been planning to add another option to the drop-down so you can choose which US limit applies (family vs individual), but for now you should be able to just set the limit manually.

    24 July
  • 24 July Kyle approved this task

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    Thanks Kyle! Look forward to that. I’ve been setting it manually for now, and that’s working fine!

    25 July
  • 16 August Kyle moved this task into In progress

  • 06 September Kyle moved this task into Completed