Welcome to our Bearable public roadmap. πŸ‘‹

Community is incredibly important to us, and we created this roadmap to hear your views on what to build next, and to keep you up to date on how we’re doing.

Feel free to vote for πŸ‘ and suggest πŸ’¬ new features and improvements within the Suggestions list.

πŸ™ Please be realistic, as we are a small team, and are working on bug fixes and performance improvements too!

πŸ› If you have found a bug the fastest way to get it solved is by using the β€˜report a bug’ button in the more/settings page of the app or emailing support@bearable.app

πŸ‘― Make sure to look through current planned/under consideration features before posting to avoid duplicates. If you have a suggestion similar but not exactly the same, please write a comment on that request instead of creating a new slightly different request.

πŸ’‘ IF YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK ON OUR DESIGNS you can join one of our communities on Reddit or Discord. James and Julian from our product team regularly share in-progress designs, questions, & surveys, and chat with the Bearable community about their questions and feedback. You can use the links below to join our communities.

πŸ€– REDDIT. https://www.reddit.com/r/BearableApp/

πŸ’¬ DISCORD. https://discord.gg/a5hNJ9gXtk