Bitbucket (commits)

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Created 06 February 2016 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 31 October 2016

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    If this gets implemented it would be good if it was cumlative with github rather than an either/or thing.

    09 August 2016
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    A generic Git commit integration could be accomplished with Git hooks. RescueTime uses this approach:

    18 May 2017
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    I’d love this; my work uses (and therefore the majority of my commits are in) bitbucket, so it’d give me a much better measure of my productivity to be able to integrate bitbucket, too.

    10 October 2017
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    I would love to see this. This alone would convince me to try a paid subscription for a while.

    08 February 2018
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    This would be fantastic, I pretty much exclusively work on bitbucket and it would be very useful.

    03 April 2018
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    I’d also like this. My work uses bitbucket, and I’m not interested in GitHub anymore due to ethics concerns.

    31 August