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We’ve been given a chance at access but unfortunately we have to pay, and the cost is large and recurring — so this one is not possible due to us not being able to afford it. However, we’re looking into integrating with Maker Channel as this is free. Stay tuned.

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Not possible/Seek alternatives 14 October 2016

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    From the IFTTT blog: “In the coming months, we’ll be launching a new tier of our partner platform that any individual can use.” (

    There’s still hope. :-)

    12 December 2016
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    Using the Maker Channel in IFTTT, you can POST just about anything to any REST API. I currently use it to post bookmarks to Stash, which also doesn’t have an IFTTT channel.

    27 February 2017
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    Exist API requires authentication token in HTTP header though, which Maker doesn’t allow to set.

    15 June 2017
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    Hey folks @Александр Гончаренк you would probably need to build an intermediary layer. A web server that would accept the IFTTT response then translate it to include your simple/oauth2 auth token for various endpoints

    07 August 2017
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    This is something I was considering for my API integration “Exist Sense” (see the forums) now that IFTTT supports regular webhooks.

    I’ve been wanting a way to trigger an event to increase the amount of coffees consumed (either with an Assistant or a button on a device), so I thought maybe I could do some PHP magic to connect the two together by copying the access token from the app login details and allowing it to be sent in the body of the request to the script.

    The only real problem I foresee is that the tokens do expire after a year, so you’d need to update your webhook periodically.

    Is this worth doing, or is it possible for Exist to do this itself, now that IFTTT webhooks are available? If Exist can do it now, I vote for this to be moved back to suggestions or planned, otherwise I’m gonna try to tackle it :)

    30 April 2018
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    Using IFTTT Maker Channel doesn’t feel like a “real” integration to me, as users have to set up their own actions and triggers and copy things in — there’s not really anything we can connect or set up for them, so the flow isn’t anything like, say, connecting Fitbit to Exist. This isn’t a nice experience for folks who aren’t tech-savvy, so I’d be reluctant to list it as an integration. Because of that I think IFTTT should stay in “Not possible” until a proper first-party integration is possible.

    Until then, it’s actually possible already to pass the access token in a request by appending it as to the query string, for example$self/today/?access_token=token. So Maker access is ready to go for anyone willing to set something up for themselves 😁

    01 May 2018
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    Fair point Josh – I have to wonder about some way if leveraging to IfTTT connection to get data in from apps without APIs that have good data. I have to imagine some app development teams choose things like IFTTT as an alternative to building a proper API… food for thought anyway…

    01 May 2018
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    Is there a point in which Exist’s userbase will be large enough to afford the cost of IfTTT?

    75% of the things Exist can’t integrate with would be possible via IfTTT. It doesn’t seem like it would be a viable long-term business model to not offer this integration, regardless of the cost, because so many users wouldn’t sign up for Exist unless it enables those integrations.

    In the long run, it seems far more viable to just eat that cost and have the integration, rather to keep hounding all the separate providers for APIs they aren’t going to publish anyways…

    Any idea how far off from that point we are in terms of userbase?

    03 January 2019
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    You can view our public stats here. This task is not very popular currently so I’m not sure I agree with your premise. Also, Zapier is a free alternative that’s slightly more popular with users and may make more sense.

    04 January 2019