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We’ve been given a chance at access but unfortunately we have to pay, and the cost is large and recurring — so this one is not possible due to us not being able to afford it. However, we’re looking into integrating with Maker Channel as this is free. Stay tuned.

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle B. Cooper

Moved into Not possible 14 October 2016

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    Samuel Rinnetmäki

    From the IFTTT blog: “In the coming months, we’ll be launching a new tier of our partner platform that any individual can use.” (

    There’s still hope. :-)

    12 December 2016
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    Shade Jinx

    Using the Maker Channel in IFTTT, you can POST just about anything to any REST API. I currently use it to post bookmarks to Stash, which also doesn’t have an IFTTT channel.

    27 February 2017
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    Александр Гончаренко

    Exist API requires authentication token in HTTP header though, which Maker doesn’t allow to set.

    15 June 2017
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    Frank Chen

    Hey folks @Александр Гончаренк you would probably need to build an intermediary layer. A web server that would accept the IFTTT response then translate it to include your simple/oauth2 auth token for various endpoints

    07 August 2017